10 May 2014

Restoran Nancy's Kitchen (Malacca)

Having our lunch at Nancy's Kitchen was quite convenient as it was within walking distance from our accommodation, Courtyard@Heeren. Although it was on a not-so-busy weekday, we had to wait for about 20 minutes before we got the table. Positive reviews are given for their Nyonya dishes such as the Babi Cincalok, Babi Pongteh and many more.
How to get there?
Address: No. 7, Jalan Hang Lekir (3rd Cross Street), Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka
Tel: +606 283 6099
Popiah RM 3.00

Acar (Small) RM 5.00

Fried Rice (Large) RM 12.00
Ngoh Hiang (Small) RM 6.00
Babi Cincalok RM 10.00
A bit spicy but appetizing.
Pork Pongteh (Small) RM 12.00
This is one of my favorites that I'd definitely order.
The pork is tender and the dish is savory.
Keledek Belacan (Small) RM 8.00
Fried Mee (Small) RM 6.00
Steamed Fish Ginger (Medium) RM 48.00
Otak RM 10.00
Chang Nyonya (Each for RM 4.50)
Fried Rice Sambal (Large) RM 12.00
Ayam Rendang (Small) RM 12.00
Cendol RM 3.50
Nancy's Kitchen Cendol tastes slightly richer (maybe it's the coconut milk).
They have pastries and Nyonya kuihs for sale near the cashier counter.
Thumbs up for the food! Really enjoyed my meal!
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