02 December 2013

Stop receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls and messages! - By Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

Have you been receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls, messages or faxes? I believe many of us do receive them and somehow find it disturbing to receive these calls, messages or faxes. And I'm going to share how we can minimum these!
What is Do Not Call (DNC) Registry?
The DNC Registry (Under the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore) is a national database for subscribers to register their Singapore telephone numbers if they choose not to receive unsolicited telemarketing calls, messages or faxes. The 3 Registers are:
  • No Voice Calls
  • No Text Messages (e.g. SMS/MMS, inclusive of Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, etc)
  • No Fax Messages
DNC Registry Website: www.dnc.gov.sg
Personal Data Protection Commission Website: www.pdpc.gov.sg

How to register?
Starting on 2 December 2013, individuals can start registering with DNC to keep unwanted calls or messages away. Registration is Free! No expiry date unless you withdraw your registration or terminate your number. 
To opt out of unsolicited telemarketing calls, messages or faxes, you need to:
  1. Register Online at DNC Registry website (http://www.dnc.gov.sg)
  2. SMS Registration
  3. Toll Free Number Registration
1) Online Registration at DNC Registry website
Access the website and click "Register Online". 
You will need your mobile device to complete the registration.
Enter your Singapore telephone number starting with '3', '6', '8' or '9'.
If it is a fax number, tick the checkbox.
From the Drop down box, select "Add my number to the DNC Registry".
Tick on the checkbox next to the Register that you want to add your number to.
You will then receive a One Time Password (OTP) through:
1) SMS
If your number begins with "8" or "9", you will receive a SMS.
2) Phone Call
If your number begins with "3" or "6", the OTP will be read out to you.
3) Fax
If you registered the number as a fax number by ticking the checkbox, you will receive a fax.
Then enter the One Time Password and click "Proceed".

Registration is completed when you see this message.

2) SMS Registration
Send an SMS with the message 'DNC' to the following numbers:
Register on all 3 Registers
Register on No Voice Call Register
Register on No Text Message Register
Menu for other options (including to deregister)
You can only register the number that you have SMS from. Normal SMS charges apply.
If you SMS 'DNC' to 78772, 78773 or 78774, the system will return the respective acknowledgement messages from PDPC DNC for such "Express Registration".

3) Toll Free Number Registration
Call any of the Toll Free Numbers listed.
1800 248 0772
Register on all 3 Registers
1800 248 0773
Register on No Voice Call Register
1800 248 0774
Register on No Text Message Register
1800 248 0771
(Available in 4 languages)
Menu for other options (including to deregister)
You can only register the number that you're calling from. 
This number must not be subscribed to caller-ID blocking service.
If you're overseas (overseas call charges apply), add +65 6248 to 0772, 0773, 0774 or 0771 to register (e.g +65 6248 0772).

Watch the YouTube Video about the registration!

What do organisations have to do?
Under the DNC Provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), starting from 2 January 2014, organisations have to follow the below requirements:
  • Check the DNC Registry before conducting any telemarketing activities, unless clear consent has been obtained.
  • Organisations cannot send unsolicited telemarketing messages to telephone numbers registered on DNC Registrers.
  • Provide contact information in the telemarketing messages
  • Ensure that calling line identity is displayed when making telemarketing calls

What about Non-Marketing Messages?
Organisations do not need to check with the DNC Registry if the messages that they sent are purely for:
  • Service calls (e.g. reminder of an appointment)
  • Market Survey or Research
  • Charitable or Religious causes (e.g. donations to a charitable organisation)
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) (e.g. corporate insurance/purchases)

Why do you still receive telemarketing calls/messages/faxes?
  • Within 60 days after registration (for the period before 2 July 2014)
  • Within 30 days after registration (for the period on or after 2 July 2014)
  • If you have given clear consent to specific organisations (before or after registration) for telemarketing
  • If you receive overseas telemarketing calls, messages or faxes for overseas products and services which have no link to any Singapore organisations

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