08 December 2013

Get Cheesier with Cheesy Crust from Domino's Pizza!

Attended the food tasting session at Domino's Pizza and this was my first time trying their pizzas. The pizzas are truly delicious. We have had a few popular pizzas such as the Classified chicken, Chilli chicken and many more.
Recently, Domino's Pizza unveiled its brand new Cheesy Crust which is made from fresh dough that's hand-stretched to perfection and luxuriously filled with melting hot mozzarella cheese coated with garlic and herbs on the inside for an extreme cheesy flavour. 
On the outside, it is generously sprinkled with tasty parmesan cheese, a mixture of breadcrumbs and parsley whilst creating another burst of flavour and crunch!
Moreover, they deliver at no additional charges. FREE DELIVERY! All delivery orders also come with Domino's Pizza's standard Product Satisfaction Guarantee, 30-minute Delivery Guarantee!

Domino's new Cheesy Crust is now available at all Domino's stores in Singapore. You can now enjoy this new crust with any of your favourite toppings with this fantastic offer, "2 Pizza Deals" at S$22 for 2 Regular pizzas and S$33 for 2 Large pizzas.

Surcharges apply for: 
  • The Classics Range - S$2 for Regular pizza and S$4 for Large pizza
  • Premium Crust/First Class Range - S$4 for Regular pizza and S$6 for Large pizza

How to order?
  • Call 6222 6333
  • Order online at their website (www.dominos.com.sg)
  • Or via Domino's iPhone app
We started with the Breadstix!
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Crazy Chicken Crunchies

Golden Roasted Drummet (6 pcs) S$9.80
Caramel Sticky Dessert S$6.80
Chocolate Lava Cake S$6.80
For dessert, do order their Chocolate Lava Cake! 
It's quite sinful to indulge in this but it's too tempting as the cake is filled with melting chocolate.

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