10 June 2016

Shifen 十分 (Taipei)

Well-known for its Shifen Waterfall and events such as the Sky Lantern Festival, the place is usually teemed with visitors. Before heading towards the Taipei Railway Station, we had our simple breakfast at McDonald's. =)
How to get there?
Buy the "One Day pass for Pingxi Line" at Taipei Railway Station so you could visit a few stops along the train line. We bought the passes at Counter 12.

From Taipei Railway Station (Platform No. 4), take train to Ruifang (瑞芳). If you are not sure which platform, check with the station person.

Train fare costs NT$44 (using Easycard) and it takes about an hour to reach Ruifang (瑞芳).
Alight at Ruifang Station (瑞芳車站) and change to the train travelling towards Jingtong (菁桐).
Alight at Shifen Station (十分車站).
There's a souvenir shop at Shifen Station and we bought some cute magnets.
Lovely Pouches
Miniature sky lanterns
Many visitors wrote their wishes on the sky lanterns and set them into the sky, along the railway track.
There were food stalls along the Shifen old street.

Cotton candies shaped into cute characters. 好可爱的棉花糖!
Shifen Waterfall Park 十分瀑布公园
From the sign board, we walked down the route and came to this bridge known as the "Si Guang Tan Qiao" (四廣潭橋).
On our way back to the train platform, we came across primary school students who were raising funds for their graduation trip by showcasing their talents. We donated to show our support towards them!

At times, there'd be trains coming towards Shifen and those who were in midst of setting their sky lanterns, had to move away from the railway track.
Bought our milk bubble teas from this shop.
In midst of making the tapioca balls. 现做粉圆, 粉圆制作中.
Sky lanterns! 好多天灯!
Next, we took the train to Jingtong (菁桐)

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