17 June 2016

Jingtong 菁桐 (Taipei)

Our last stop was at Jingtong, the wooden station that was built in 1929 by the Japanese government for the mining business. The place is filled with rolls of bamboos with wishes written on them.
How to get there?
Buy the "One Day pass for Pingxi Line" at Taipei Railway Station so you could visit a few stops along the train line. We bought the passes at Counter 12.
 From Taipei Railway Station (Platform No. 4), take train to Ruifang (瑞芳). If you are not sure which platform, check with the station person.
 Train fare costs NT$44 (using Easycard) and it takes about an hour to reach Ruifang (瑞芳).
 Alight at Ruifang Station (瑞芳車站) and change to the train travelling towards Jingtong (菁桐).
  Alight at Jingtong Station (菁桐車站).

Bought some lovely cards from the shop that is located in front of the train station.
Passed by the shops at Jingtong old street and reached the bus stop.
Jingtong Memorial Statue (菁桐坑纪念雕像)
Instead of taking the train back, we took the bus to Muzha MRT station.

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