14 May 2017

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 다오래 (Bukit Indah)

Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant serves authentic korean dishes in the heart of Bukit Indah, right opposite of AEON shopping mall. Easily accessible by taking buses and ample parking lots for drivers.
Level 2 dining area
 Private room for family gathering
 Banchan (반찬) served and refillable.
Kimchi-Jeongol 김치전골 (Large) RM78
Combination of pork, kimchi, tofu, korean rice cakes and noodles in rich spicy kimchi soup.
Ddeok-Bokki 떡볶이 RM33
Stir-fried Korean rice cakes in hot spice chilli sauce.
Pa-Jeon 파전 RM33
Seafood pancake with spring onions.
If spicy food is not suitable for you, you can always order the ginseng chicken soup. It's delicious too.
Dak Maeun-Tang 닭매운탕 RM60
Chicken, potato and vegetable in spicy chicken broth
Bibim-naengmyeon 비빔냉면
Cold spicy noodles
Chilled spicy cold noodles soup with kimichi
Japchae 잡채 RM38
How to get there?
Address: 79, 79A, 81A Jalan Indah 15/2 Taman Bukit Indah 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia
Tel: +607 207 5911
Daorae Facebook - www.facebook.com/daoreaJB/
Daorae Blog - http://daoraejb.blogspot.sg/

Opening hours
Daily from 11.30am to 3pm (Lunch) and 5.30pm to 11pm (Dinner)

Read AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre post about getting to Bukit Indah from Singapore by bus. If you are taking CW3/CW6 to Bukit Indah, you alight at the bus stop in front of AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre. Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is right opposite.

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