19 April 2017

Rainbow Village 彩虹村 (Taichung)

Rainbow Village consists of a few houses painted by Rainbow Grandpa Huang Yung-Fu (彩虹爷爷) with vibrant colours of animals, cute characters, chinese wordings, etc. It is one of the veteran villages which the government deferred the demolition as it became one of the popular attractions in Taichung.
How to get there?
Address: 408 Taichung City, Nantun District, Taiwan
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 6pm
A few options below but I prefer option 3 or 4 as it's faster and economic in getting to Rainbow Village.

1) From bus stop opposite of Taichung Train Station bus stop, take Bus No. 27 and alight at bus stop after Ling Tung University and walk about 10 minutes to Rainbow Village. Bus ride is about 1 hour.

Alight at Bus stop after bus turns left into Lingdong Road.
Walk straight towards Rainbow Village
2) Alternatively, take Bus No. 56 from Gancheng Station to Rainbow Village Lingdong South Road. Bus stops in front of Rainbow Village.

3) Take railway to Xinwuri Railway Station and take Bus No. 56 to Rainbow Village (9 bus stops).
4) Take railway to Xinwuri Railway Station and walk to Taichung HSR to take Bus No. 617 (3 bus stops).
5) Take a cab to Rainbow Village from Taichung city at about NT$300, 15 mins car ride.
Photo Time!
You can buy the magnets, files, badges, coin purses, notebooks, etc for souvenirs.
They are printed with the similar drawings of Rainbow Village.
Getting back to Taichung city?
A few options below but option 3 and 4 are recommended.
1) Take Bus No. 56 from opposite of Rainbow Village back to Gancheng Station.
2) Walk back to where you alight from Bus No. 27 and walk further straight up and turn left to Yongchun South Road. Wait at the bus stop for Bus No. 27 to go back to Taichung city.
3) Take Bus No. 56 at Rainbow Village bus stop to Xinwuri Railway Station and take railway back to Taichung Railway Station (Railway fare NT$15).
4) Take Bus No. 617 at Rainbow Village bus stop to Taichung HSR, walk to Xinwuri Railway Station and take railway back to Taichung Railway Station (Railway fare NT$15).

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  1. Hello, i've heard that bus rides around Taichung is free for 10km. If i'll choose option 3/4, are those bus rides you took free? If otherwise, how much is the fare? Thank you! would really appreciate your thoughts. Since I'm currently planning our trip to Taiwan now.