12 April 2017

Miyahara 宮原眼科 (Taichung)

Miyahara 宮原眼科 was originally an ophthalmic hospital founded by Dr. Miyahara Takekuma during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. Due to earthquake and strong typhoon, the building structure was partially damaged. It was then restored by the famous Dawncake in Taichung, selling ice cream, pineapple tarts, chocolates, etc.
Display wall artwork consists of Taiwanese plum flowers
Choose up to 3 types of ice cream + waffle cup at NT$305
Variety of chocolate ice cream
Different types of fruits ice cream
Array of tea ice cream
Choose up to 3 types of toppings (consists of pineapple tarts, cheesecakes, biscuits, fruits, etc)
You can also purchase the "toppings" in the Miyahara shop in boxes.
My "Eat Me!" ice cream!
Let's bring it back to 53Hotel and indulge.
We came back another day to purchase the pineapple tarts, milk cakes and nougat.
They come in attractive packaging in the form of book and cd.
Very beautiful boxes
We bought the milk cakes, pineapple tarts and a mixture of original, coffee, mango and berries nougat. Due to promotion, we were given 2 cakes and a box of "pencil" biscuits upon reaching an amount of purchased items.
I found that the wordings printed on the packaging of the nougats are quite interesting as they consist of different meanings.
We stayed at 53Hotel which is right opposite of Miyahara 宮原眼科; it was definitely convenient for us to avoid the peak hours. You can either reach Miyahara at 10am or around 8pm to avoid the long queue.

How to get there?
Address: No. 20 Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: +886 (04)22271927
Miyahara website: www.miyahara.com.tw
Facebook: www.facebook.com/miyahara1927

Check out the buses that stop at Taichung train station and walk to Miyahara.

Nearest Station: Taichung Railway Station
Opening hours: Daily from 10am - 10pm


  1. Hi! Out of all the food items you bought from Miyahara which one will you recommend as souvenirs? Will be heading there soon. And thanks for this write up :)

    1. Hi S.T.E.W,
      Thank you for reading my post. I'd recommend the nougats (got special wordings/meaning on the wrapping), pineapple tarts (sweet) and the original milk cakes. Hope you have an enjoyable trip!