04 November 2015

Ruamkatanyu Foundation 泰国義德善堂 (Bangkok)

Coffin donation for a good cause!
When you travel to Bangkok, you can make coffin donation at Ruamkatanyu Foundation for a good cause. 
捐棺木做功德, 功德无量!
(Photo courtesy of Wallace Chin)

According to some websites, Ruamkatanyu Foundation was founded on 22 June Buddhist Era 2513 and the purpose is to provide coffins for those who passed on and no one came to claim the body.
How to donate?
Once you enter the Foundation, approach the counter to inform of the amount that you would like to donate.

Fill in the pink merit slip with your name, signature and donation amount. Pass the donation monies to the counter. You will be given the temple-issued value certificate.
Put the glue at the back of the pink merit slip and paste the slip onto the coffin.
Take 20 joss sticks for praying, 3 joss sticks to 1 censer and 1 joss stick at the entrance (left and right).
After praying, hit the bells and the drum three times.
Burn the certificate in the burning urn near the entrance before leaving.

How to get there?
Take MRT to Sam Yan and Exit 1. Ruamkatanyu Foundation is on the left side of the exit which is near to Wat Hua Lampong.

By taxi from Pratunam area will cost about 100 baht.

Opening hours
24 hours
Thai iced milk tea at the stall outside of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation.
As Chinatown is nearby, we hailed for a cab to Chinatown for dinner.

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