19 January 2015

Entertainer Singapore 2015 Launch Party @ Lime House

The Entertainer held the launch party at Lime House to share about the Entertainer Singapore 2015 app.
I met new bloggers and very much enjoyed myself at the party.
 We were served with canapés and classic punch.
Back to the focus on the Entertainer Singapore 2015 App!

What is the Entertainer Singapore 2015 App about?
It's an app that allows you to save while you enjoy. The paid version app entitles you to 3 vouchers per merchant. Each voucher allows you to enjoy the offer of buy 1 get 1 free dining, travel or lifestyle deals.
Check it out at the Entertainer Singapore website!

You can choose between having the book or app.
I suggest having the app which is very handy.
Not sure how to use it? Here's a blog tutorial by Alvin - http://alvinology.com/2015/01/15/a-tutorial-on-how-to-use-the-entertainer-2015-app/

Great News for early birds!
For a limited time, purchase the Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2015 app at a low price of S$60 (usual price at S$75).
Enjoy a further 10% discount by using the promo code "2015ALVIN" to get the app at S$54! 
This promo code will last till end February 2015.

Keen to check out Lime House?
Lime House is one of the merchants on the app offering 1-for-1 deals and it serves Caribbean food.

Address: 2 Jiak Chuan Road Singapore 089260
Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 5pm to 12pm
Sat: 12pm to 12am

(Photos Courtesy of The Entertainer)

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