26 April 2014

Discover the Next Generation Chocolate - Purity from Nature!

Cacao Barry, the world's leading gourmet chocolate brand, unveils the next generation of chocolate couvertures - Purity from Nature!
The Purity from Nature chocolate couvertures - Ocoa, Inaya and Alunga are stemmed from a rising demand for premium chocolate by artisans, chocolatiers and pastry chefs.
Ocoa, a dark and distinctive chocolate couverture (70% cocoa) with good cocoa taste and a hint of acidity. Suitable for enrobing and moulding.

Inaya, a dark chocolate couverture (65% cocoa) with intense cocoa taste, has a good balance between bitterness and acidic notes. Suitable for mousse, ganache and moelleux.

Alunga, a milk chocolate couverture (41% cocoa) that is slightly sweet with a dominant taste of cocoa and milk. Suitable for mousse and ganache.
"Pure, Intense and Traceable chocolate!"
Fermentation is a crucial step in awakening and extracting the best flavours from the beans. Cacao Barry took years of painstaking research that resulted in the Q-Fermentation method, in which specific micro-organisms naturally present in the plantation brings out the most outstanding purity and intensity from beans.

For the launch of Purity from Nature chocolate couvertures in Asia-Pacific, Cacao Barry Singapore collaborated with 4 chefs on "Creative Day" to create eight extraordinary recipes which incorporate local ingredients with Purity from Nature.

Andres Lara
Cacao Barry Ambassador
Group Pastry Chef, Jason Atherton Group
Taking a Zen approach towards his desserts, he adopts an open mind and has developed a unique style over the years, reflecting sophistication and elegance in his creations.

Thierry Delourneaux
Executive Pastry Chef, Fairmont Singapore & Swissotel The Stamford
An avid chocolate lover who worked tirelessly to further refine his recipes to achieve the aromatic KaruKera 70% (a chocolate infused with intense cocoa flavours with a tinge of floral note, the right balance of bitterness and sweetness). The signature Karu Kera 70% comprises aromatic cocoa beans from Cacao Barry grown in exotic locations.

Ivy Wong
Pastry Chef, Fairmont Singapore & Swissotel The Stamford
A multi-award winning pastry chef who creates her very own 45% couverture chocolate, a milk chocolate profile with a unique lingering bitter aftertaste.
Janice Wong
Chef and owner of 2am:dessertbar and 2am:experience
Recently named Asia's Best Pastry Chef for the 2nd consecutive year, her meticulous and flawlessly designed desserts showcase her technical abilities while paying homage to art and fashion.
"The perfect couverture should be unrivalled in purity and intensity, a height which Purity from Nature has achieved. These chocolates have been designed for specific applications and allows me to freely express myself in my desserts," said Janice Wong.

"Pure Intensity from Nature"
Hear from the chefs about incorporating local ingredients with Purity from Nature!
During the Asia-Pacific launch, we tasted some delicacies created with the chocolate couvertures.
Personally, I like the delicacy that used Alunga (41% cocoa) as a coating, with a topping of caviar.
It is an ideal combination of the new generation chocolate couvertures and ingredients, which appeal to our taste buds.
Eager to taste the chocolates?
Chef Janice Wong will be using the new generation of chocolates (Ocoa, Inaya and Alunga) in her 2am:dessertbar.

How to get there?
Address: 21a Lorong Liput, Holland Village Singapore 277733
Tel: +65 6291 9727

By Car -
  • Along Holland Avenue, turn into Lorong Liput and park at the open car park (Electronic system parking)
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Nearest MRT Station: Holland Village (CC21)

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