25 November 2013

Batam Trip 1 (One Day Tour Package)

Short getaway trip from the bustling city with some close friends. Just an hour ferry ride from Singapore to Indonesia. To save on the hassle, we bought the Spa and tour package from Groupon as a group.
Email them to check on their pricing or check Groupon for deals.
Take the ferry at Harbourfront Centre Level 3.
Nearest MRT Station: Harbourfront

Tour Agency (Batam)
Desindo Tour
You will be guided by the local tour guide who communicated to us in both English and Chinese.

What’s there in Batam?
We were brought to the Polo Ralph Lauren for some shopping but nothing caught our eyes.

Batam Chocolate House
Address: Komp. Rejeki Graha Mas Blok A No. 1-2 (Deretan Edukits Batam Centre) Batam Centre - Indonesia
Tel: +62 778 462415
They sell all sorts of chocolates. Chocolate products made in Indonesia and overseas can be bought here. However, the prices are quite comparable to those at the supermarkets or in Singapore.

Golden Prawn Batam
Address: Jalan Bengkong Laut Batam, Kepulauan Riau
Tel: +62 778 411 138
Our lunch was taken care of, quite a number of dishes such as the chilli crabs, sweet and sour fried fish, prawns, vegetables, fried sotong, etc. I was dismayed by the coconut drink that I've ordered as it wasn't as good and it tasted a bit sour.

Batam Layer Cakes (Kueh Lapis)
Address: Bengkong Laut, Jalan Sumatra No. 1 (Jalan Golden Prawn)
Tel: +62 778 789 6364 / +62 831 8445 6788 (HP - Ms Li Lun)
Email: blc_batam@ymail.com
The layer cakes come in a variety of choices - Original, Cinnamon, Cheese, Prune, Pandan and a few others. Prices range from S$25 to S$29 or Rupiah 200,000 and above. We bought a few cakes as the prices are quite reasonable.

First Choice (Spa, Massage & Reflexology)
Address: Komp. Penuin Centre Blok OA No. 12 - 12A
Tel: +62 778 431 506 / 778 431 499 / 778 700 2012
They provide a selection of spa packages that are really relaxing for the body. 
Do remember to provide tips for the masseur, it's about Rupiah 15,000 (S$2) and above.

Providence Maitreya Missionary Monastery
Address: Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, Bukit Beruntung - Sel Panas (Batam - Indonesia 29432)
Tel: +62 778 462901-4 / 462347
Email: dutamal@indosat.net.id
This is where you could offer prayers to the deities and Buddhas, namely Guan Yu, Shakyamuni, Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy and a few others. In the monastery, they have a vegetarian restaurant where you could have lunch there.

Yong Heng Food Trading
Address: Komp, Ruko Golden Prawn Blok C No. 6-7 Bengkong Laut, Batam Island
Tel: +62 778 411 814
This little shop sells all types of tidbits and they do provide food tasting. The prices are also reasonable and we bought a few snacks home.
Before going back, we went to the Miniature Houses where it consists of the different architecture of houses. It's a short walk that takes less than 30 minutes. 

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