25 March 2012

Pulau Ubin 乌敏岛

Pulau Ubin, an off shore island of Singapore, is a place for nature lovers to visit and let your hair down for the day.

How to get there?
By Car – No free parking nearby, need to park far away and car pool, hourly paid

By Bike – Open space carpark, need to pay as well or park at your own risk

By Bus – No. 2, 29, 59, 109 (More info – check SBSTransit)

  • Changi Point Ferry Terminal/Jetty – Located in Changi Village (CV)
  • Take the bumboat to & fro from Changi Point Ferry Terminal/Jetty
  • Bumboat – 1 trip costs $2.50 per person, takes about 10 minutes

  • Activities that you can do there
    • Cycling – Cost of rental ranges from $8 – $15, depends on the quality of bicycle
    • Chalet, Fish Spa, trekking, mountain biking, etc
    What to bring along?
    • Cash
    • Cap/hat
    • Plenty of water
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Sunblock/Sunscreen
    • And friends
    Chek Jawa
    Located near the eastern tip of Pulau Ubin, you can either travel to Chek Jawa by trekking, cycling or van.
    • Trekking – Personally, I felt it’s a bit too far by trekking unless you really want to walk
    • Cycling – Be careful of the tracks, have to push the bicycle upslope at times
    • Van – 10mins transportation to the place but you’ll miss the fun enjoying the environment
    When you are near there, you’ll have to park the bicycle somewhere and walk inwards where you’ll see the Information Kiosk. Drinks available at the vending machine, can exchange for coins with the person-in-charge.

    When you are reaching there…
    We settled our dinner near the entrance and I’ll recommend the seafood soup and the pork ribs.
    You may visit this website for more information.

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