21 December 2013

What is Prizle.com?

Prizle.com is an interesting website for consumers to participate in various contests or giveaways in which they could win themselves some rewarding prizes. It is also a marketing platform for business owners to market their products by tapping on the social media networking. It is my first time being introduced to this website and was quite fascinated by how it works. It is a simple yet interesting concept as it is a consolidated website for the contests & giveaways and a very powerful marketing tool for the business owners.
Check out the YouTube video about Prizle.com!

How does it work for the Business Owners?
From a business owner's perspective, I'd think the return of investment is one of the important deciding factors. What crowd would I want to attract? And with the amount of time and money invested, will I get an ideal result? Rest assured. Prizle.com will be able to handle this for you. The platform allows your contest to be launched within minutes, the users who surfed upon the website will be able to share the good deals and everyone could participate in the contest.

What's the Pricing?
The Basic package costs S$188 with 1 contest creation for a validity period of a year. With a little top up to S$788 (S$131 per contest creation), business owners can create 6 contests for a validity period of a year with unlimited entries. And with a bit more for Platinum package at S$1,188, there is unlimited contest creation for a validity of a year. Check out for more information at their website!
For Business Owners to register with Prizle.com, click here!
You'd see the following screen.

What's there for the Consumers?
As a consumer, I'll usually surf for good food, travel information, keeping updated of recent happenings or for entertainment purpose. And probably some good websites to participate in contests to win good prizes online! Personally, I found this website very appealing and I have actually submitted my entries for some contests. It is a very simple procedure to register and join in the contest.
Upon registration, you could participate in contests which would earn you the Prizle Points. 
The Points can then be used to redeem prizes.
What are you waiting for? Register with Prizle.com to join in the contests!
To register, click here!
Or visit Prizle.com website at https://www.prizle.com

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